What is ‘Handle Your rOCD’, you say?

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Handle your rOCD is just another blog by few recent rOCD sufferers who are now willing to share their experiences and mold them in such a form that the people suffering from rOCD can learn to deal with the spikes.

It is basically going to be in a series where we’ll be dealing with various spikes and useful self help techniques that actually have worked.

We’re not looking for any kind of fans or promotion. Just leave us a feedback in the form of comments when you think one of our articles has helped you. That in fact will motivate our team to write more for you. You can also share your experiences here or drop a query if you need a little help.


Thanks and Warm Regards,

Shivani Sharma,

Handle Your rOCD.



Introducing myself, (Shivani Sharma). I Love Writing and Helping!!